IV Sedation

Tooth Extractions by Trusted Indianapolis Doctors

It is natural to be anxious about oral surgery. For any treatment performed at our office, sedation can be provided to patients. In most instances, this sedation is administered through an I.V. while your vital signs are monitored. Patients fall asleep during this process as they relax and the medication takes effect. The benefit of I.V. sedation is you will have little recall of the surgery. Patients who have been administered anesthesia are continuously observed throughout their treatment. Most patients are able to return home within 15-30 minutes following a procedure performed with I.V. sedation.

For certain procedures, our office also provides Nitrous Oxide sedation, or “laughing gas.” The calming effects of Nitrous Oxide often help to put patients at ease, as well as prevent discomfort or pain during the actual treatment.