Oral Cancer

Here for You: Indianapolis Oral Surgeons

For a variety of reasons, tumors and cysts may form in the bone or the soft tissue of the mouth. While some of these tumors and cysts are harmless, others can impact your health, as well as the proper functioning of surrounding tissues. In most cases, the tumor or cyst should be removed surgically. Look for the following:
· White patches of the oral tissues – leukoplakia
· Red patches
· Red and white patches
· A sore or ulcer that fails to heal and bleeds easily
· An abnormal lump or thickening of the tissues of the mouth
· Chronic sore throat or hoarseness
· Difficulty in chewing or swallowing
· A mass or lump in the neck

It is important to see one of our surgeons if you have any of these signs. If our doctor agrees that something looks suspicious, a biopsy may be recommended. A biopsy involves the removal of a piece of the tissue, which is then sent to a pathology laboratory for a microscopic examination to accurately diagnose the tissue. The biopsy report not only helps establish a diagnosis, but also enables our doctors to develop a specific plan for treatment.

Remember, your mouth is one of your body’s most important early warning systems. Don’t ignore any suspicious lump or sore. If you discover something that doesn’t look or feel right, make an appointment for a prompt examination. Early treatment can often be the key to a complete recovery.